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Dry Energy Pillow Cover


Putting more into circulation. Infrared energy boosts the flow of blood to tissue throughout the body, delivering vital nutrients while increasing oxygen levels.

More Restful Sleep, Never grow tired of it. Celliant used in bedding has been clinically proven to enhance the rest from sleep, with subjects falling asleep 15 minutes faster on average in a pilot study.

Keep your thermostat just how you like it. The circulatory system is also the body’s heating and cooling regulator. By optimizing blood flow, Celliant makes it easier for the body to maintain its ideal temperature.

Cells grow stronger, so does your performance. The infrared energy created by Celliant stimulates cell performance and regeneration, while the increased circulation nourishes the cells with higher levels of oxygen—further promoting cell health. Enhanced cell function means injuries heal quicker, pain subsides fasters and stamina and endurance are amplified.

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